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The SPEEDChange™ Project Audiobook

(Narrated by Natalie Gray)

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The Paradigm That Transforms Teams Without Training

Authored by Mubeena Mohammed
Foreword by Roland Sullivan

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Description: Are you as a business leader grappling with these questions?

  • Is it a struggle to justify the training budget in your company?
  • Has training failed to bring significant change in job performance?
  • Do your people avoid applying training outcomes back on to the job?
  • Is your high potential talent left bored and disengaged with training?

Are your employees resisting learning anything new?

If you are a CEO, HR Manager or Department leader and have answered YES to any of these questions, it may be time to re-evaluate your current ideas and beliefs about training. Leaders need to face the truth behind why most training initiatives fail, and to know why our current training techniques are simply not enough to develop talent and meet the business needs of the current milieu.

This book offers an explanation about the ineffectiveness of traditional training and change management, where ROI is not justified. When training does not work, The SPEEDChange(tm) Project may be your answer. Besides inculcating learning, this new paradigm offers a new way to generate team alignment, behaviour change, and buy-in without the need for trainers, speakers, or outside experts.

Included in the audiobook are 10 (ten) mp3 tracks:

1. Introduction
2. A Poetic Disclaimer and Foreword
3. Preface by The Author
4. Chapter 1. Training is Passe
5. Chapter 2. More On What Training Does (Not)
6. Chapter 3. The Days of Cascading Are Numbered
7. Chapter 4. Change Does Not Have To Be Slow, Painful, or Hard
8. Chapter 5. The SPEEDChange™ Project
9. Chapter 6. The Future of Change
10. About The Author

Get inspired to transform your team without training now!


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